Monday, February 18, 2008

Inventing Swear Words 4 is out!

Alright everyone, the wedding of the century is now out and ready to be viewed. has Inventing Swear Words 4 . It will soon be seen on Oxhorn's site

You have to watch this! It's wonderful. The musical numbers and the appearance of so many characters in the different Oxhorn movies. See how many you can find as you watch it!

If you can't figure me out, I played the "Elf Floosie" (as in the credits *laughs*) and the bloopers are awesome. As usual, Oxhorn took my recording and managed to allow me to embarrass myself once again. I was actually dealing with a very full house that night and had to warn people when I was about to be loud. ...Of course, screaming through the house never helps much with that, does it?

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