Monday, February 25, 2008

The Flu and Games

There is an awful flu going around Middle Tennessee (and half of the country). I was one of the fortunate people who caught it. I've been down for a week with fever, cold symptoms and fatigue. It hasn't been very fun at all.

Thankfully, I had some company during this period. Video games. World of Warcraft was my friend, keeping me from being insanely bored while I was laying in bed with a fever. I would fire up the laptop and play a little bit until I felt like sleeping again. After awhile, WoW got boring. Four days in a row is about all I can handle of tons of WoW time...even though my Shaman is reaping the benefits of some power leveling.

Once WoW got boring, the Nintendo DS took it's place. I still haven't managed to beat Phantom Hourglass plus, Matt has been cracking away at the game himself.I put down the portable games, wishing I could play the Wii but, getting up and bouncing with the Wii-mote is not a good idea when you are sick.

So, I slept even more the last couple days of the flu trying to find something that would keep me occupied while I was sick. Books help. I did realize I am in need of some new books to read. I've read what I have. Television? It's always so touch and go. There's so many times I can check on-demand before I realize nothing is ever on television. Podcasts? They keep me entertained for a time as well.

All in all, by day five of this I was going stir-crazy. Video games became something I would rather not do. Books were making my head hurt and, if I had to hear Leto scream on RnD one more time, I might scream myself. Can this be? Could Menuet actually be bored with anything geeky? Yes! Yes, she can!

I longed for something to do. I needed to get out of the house. I had to at least go run an errand, go to belly dancing class. At that point, running in circles in the driveway sounded very inviting. Finally, I woke up yesterday feeling better. I didn't want to push it though...I took my time, rested and slept well last night. This morning, I barely had a sniffle when I woke up. Oh, it feels so good to feel better!

Though video games and uber geeky-ness is tons of fun. It's no replacement for activity and life in general. Though anyone can use the immersive fantasy of games and books as an escape, there's a point where even that is no "mental vacation". I still love my games, books and geeky goodness. Now, if you will all excue me I am about to go run circles in the driveway.

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