Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Where to go

As all of you know, TheX has ended and a new show has come in it's wake. I encourage all former X listeners to head over to Where Candace is hosting a brand-new podcast called *SPARK*

I hope you enjoy it!

Friday, March 28, 2008

An End and a Beginning

Hey there Geeks and Geekettes,
I have no idea how to start this... TheX has ended. It's over guys, TheX is no more. There's fifteen million reasons I can give you but, I'll spare the explanations. TheX was an awesome podcast with a year long run. It was a ton of fun and very enjoyable.

I've felt for awhile that things need to take a new direction. I know many of you have seen the struggle it's become to put out a good show lately. I figured it out. Things have changed. My life has changed, work has changed and my hobbies of gaming aren't as intense as they used to be. My interests span the "geek universe" and, I have interests outside of that as well.

Yes, TheX itself has ended. However, something new is on the horizon. *Spark* will be coming in the month of April which is a brand new show that is going to be very different. Very different? No, insanely different. *Spark* was inspired by people that I meet on a regular basis. What is it? That, you will have to find out when it comes in April.

I *do* want to give a large thank you to all of the audience of TheX. You guys are beyond awesome. Without you, TheX would never have been anything. You made it what it is and, you made it possible. To you, I owe a huge thanks. I also feel the following people deserve a large "thank you" for what they have done for TheX and their help along the way; Rob and Dan of RnD podcast , The Geek Media , Kam Uraki, Oxhorn , Steve Racer, Clint Hackleman, Illyrian, Drewbie and Macheath of "The Grind", Octale and Hordak of Octale and Hordak vs the World, Everyone at TheX's former "home" on the internet - WoW Radio, Bob Chapin, Nathan Pinard, My brother- Wierdo, my Mother , my Grandmother , Moiren, Jaithas, Mifio, Metaldragon, David Silver of Festival of Blood Radio, Leala and Haley of Epic Dolls.

I want to give a long, drawn out speech and thank fifteen thousand people for TheX. However, I don't feel that I need to do that. TheX as a show has ended but, something new has come along. Whether you move over and give *Spark* a chance or, whether you move on to other places on the world wide web, thank you for hanging out with me this year and being a part of TheX.

God Bless!
~Candace "Menuet Ranit" Holly

(Oh yes, I gave out a real name)

Thursday, March 6, 2008

New Podcast Episode

TheX #44: "Who Are You" is now up and ready for download. You can check it out Here

Some suprises, some good information and talk about D&D, ranting on healing classes in WoW and..what is mysterious purple liquid? Find out on the latest podcast of TheX

How Not to Be Seen

For any Monty Python are going to like this one. I know I did.

Monday, February 25, 2008

The Flu and Games

There is an awful flu going around Middle Tennessee (and half of the country). I was one of the fortunate people who caught it. I've been down for a week with fever, cold symptoms and fatigue. It hasn't been very fun at all.

Thankfully, I had some company during this period. Video games. World of Warcraft was my friend, keeping me from being insanely bored while I was laying in bed with a fever. I would fire up the laptop and play a little bit until I felt like sleeping again. After awhile, WoW got boring. Four days in a row is about all I can handle of tons of WoW time...even though my Shaman is reaping the benefits of some power leveling.

Once WoW got boring, the Nintendo DS took it's place. I still haven't managed to beat Phantom Hourglass plus, Matt has been cracking away at the game himself.I put down the portable games, wishing I could play the Wii but, getting up and bouncing with the Wii-mote is not a good idea when you are sick.

So, I slept even more the last couple days of the flu trying to find something that would keep me occupied while I was sick. Books help. I did realize I am in need of some new books to read. I've read what I have. Television? It's always so touch and go. There's so many times I can check on-demand before I realize nothing is ever on television. Podcasts? They keep me entertained for a time as well.

All in all, by day five of this I was going stir-crazy. Video games became something I would rather not do. Books were making my head hurt and, if I had to hear Leto scream on RnD one more time, I might scream myself. Can this be? Could Menuet actually be bored with anything geeky? Yes! Yes, she can!

I longed for something to do. I needed to get out of the house. I had to at least go run an errand, go to belly dancing class. At that point, running in circles in the driveway sounded very inviting. Finally, I woke up yesterday feeling better. I didn't want to push it though...I took my time, rested and slept well last night. This morning, I barely had a sniffle when I woke up. Oh, it feels so good to feel better!

Though video games and uber geeky-ness is tons of fun. It's no replacement for activity and life in general. Though anyone can use the immersive fantasy of games and books as an escape, there's a point where even that is no "mental vacation". I still love my games, books and geeky goodness. Now, if you will all excue me I am about to go run circles in the driveway.

Monday, February 18, 2008

Inventing Swear Words 4 is out!

Alright everyone, the wedding of the century is now out and ready to be viewed. has Inventing Swear Words 4 . It will soon be seen on Oxhorn's site

You have to watch this! It's wonderful. The musical numbers and the appearance of so many characters in the different Oxhorn movies. See how many you can find as you watch it!

If you can't figure me out, I played the "Elf Floosie" (as in the credits *laughs*) and the bloopers are awesome. As usual, Oxhorn took my recording and managed to allow me to embarrass myself once again. I was actually dealing with a very full house that night and had to warn people when I was about to be loud. ...Of course, screaming through the house never helps much with that, does it?

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Join Me In Remembering

I'm sure many of you heard about the shooting at Northern Illinois University this week. That is where I graduated from, and I still know many of the people on campus. Unfortunately, someone I tutored while in my senior year there was injured in the shooting, but is stable in the hospital. I'm asking everyone here if they can say a quick prayer for the dead and the survivors of the horror my Alma Mater has had to endure. It would mean a lot to me, and the thousands of others who are affected by this like me.
Thank you,

"I have seen expressions of love and togetherness. We will get through this together." NIU President John G. Peters