Friday, March 28, 2008

An End and a Beginning

Hey there Geeks and Geekettes,
I have no idea how to start this... TheX has ended. It's over guys, TheX is no more. There's fifteen million reasons I can give you but, I'll spare the explanations. TheX was an awesome podcast with a year long run. It was a ton of fun and very enjoyable.

I've felt for awhile that things need to take a new direction. I know many of you have seen the struggle it's become to put out a good show lately. I figured it out. Things have changed. My life has changed, work has changed and my hobbies of gaming aren't as intense as they used to be. My interests span the "geek universe" and, I have interests outside of that as well.

Yes, TheX itself has ended. However, something new is on the horizon. *Spark* will be coming in the month of April which is a brand new show that is going to be very different. Very different? No, insanely different. *Spark* was inspired by people that I meet on a regular basis. What is it? That, you will have to find out when it comes in April.

I *do* want to give a large thank you to all of the audience of TheX. You guys are beyond awesome. Without you, TheX would never have been anything. You made it what it is and, you made it possible. To you, I owe a huge thanks. I also feel the following people deserve a large "thank you" for what they have done for TheX and their help along the way; Rob and Dan of RnD podcast , The Geek Media , Kam Uraki, Oxhorn , Steve Racer, Clint Hackleman, Illyrian, Drewbie and Macheath of "The Grind", Octale and Hordak of Octale and Hordak vs the World, Everyone at TheX's former "home" on the internet - WoW Radio, Bob Chapin, Nathan Pinard, My brother- Wierdo, my Mother , my Grandmother , Moiren, Jaithas, Mifio, Metaldragon, David Silver of Festival of Blood Radio, Leala and Haley of Epic Dolls.

I want to give a long, drawn out speech and thank fifteen thousand people for TheX. However, I don't feel that I need to do that. TheX as a show has ended but, something new has come along. Whether you move over and give *Spark* a chance or, whether you move on to other places on the world wide web, thank you for hanging out with me this year and being a part of TheX.

God Bless!
~Candace "Menuet Ranit" Holly

(Oh yes, I gave out a real name)


Paul said...

At least it isn't a drawn-out, tearful goodbye as it was with User Interface. Boy that was a sad day. . .

Good luck in your future endeavors Menuet.


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Dieoxide said...

Well Candace, almost called you Menuet again. Anyway, I loved TheX and I'll give Spark a try and I guess all I really have to say good luck with future endeavors, I hope you will still stay with The Geek Media, and that Spark will be better then TheX and lasts longer, heh. See ya!

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