Tuesday, November 27, 2007

TheX #36: "We All Like Batman"

Menuet is joined by Noct! Her best buddy and crazy co-host applicant. We also wanted to call the show "Stop saying my real name" but that went down the tube. Enjoy talks of movies, nostalgia, the internet and it's community , cartoons, 80's cartoons and much more. Plus, you will find out why WoW players should never go to Dave and Busters. There is no way to describe the madness of this show in just a couple of paragraphs. Enjoy!

Menuet would like to give a special thanks to Dietzche V. and the Abominable Snowman for his message on Facebook and making such great music. As a result, the music at the end of the show is one of his own works. Enjoy!

Macho 2003 - 2007Dietzche V. and the Abominable Snowman
"Forever" (mp3)
from "Macho 2003 - 2007"
(Pop Echo Records)

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

This show was so aweshome Menuet! I hope to see a lot more of shows like this and I'm sad too say, but I don't know why I'm sad, I want to hear more of your friends' guest host with you. Also, I just write a review for TheX on Itunes for you and WoW Radio because well, I felt like it!