Monday, November 19, 2007

TheX #35: "Get Out of Our Subculture"

Menuet is joined by potential co-host Matt. It's a role playing game expo! The two chit chat about old school RPG's, D&D, the difference of D&D campaigns, what annoys them about role players and the ever present WoW role playing.

They also chat a bit about random topics (as usual), Menuet gives a rebuttal to one of her podcasting buddies, Octale and tosses a friendly drop-in his way. Matt decides to ostracize people from the geeky subculture and embrace them at the same time. Menuet just goes along for the ride at that point.

Also, listen to the end of the show for an extended blooper reel of Oxhorn's "Hat vs Barnaby" with Menuet and Oxhorn. Check out the movie here!

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