Monday, October 8, 2007


We all know that I have a little obsession with mermaids. I love them. I even have some sculptures in my room and yes, I even enjoy the Disney movie. So, when someone told me about a video of a "mermaid girl" I was expecting to see something similar to a woman I saw in South Florida. She's a performer who would swim around in a mermaid costume, come up for air and play the part. I was quite amazed at this video I saw. This is definitely nothing like I thought.

It's a rare congenital defect that fuses a person's legs together More information called "Mermaid Syndrome". Normally, people born with this defect don't live long because of so many internal problems they are also born with. The video of the little girl was a heartwarming story. Once I found the story on Digg, I thought I would like to share it as well.

Social Media can be a bit annoying sometimes. We'll see the same stories over and over again or, awful pieces that are opinions being passed off as fact. This time, social media gave us a nice story with some hope.

Here's the video of Shiloh

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