Sunday, October 7, 2007

Alarm Clocks for the Nerdy Kind

Let's face it. We're geeks. We stay up late playing video games, surfing the internet, coding, or gaming. Friday and Saturday nights are normally the days for us to stay up until we see those rays of sun peeking out. Sunday nights are a no-go because Monday brings the work day. are one of those people like me who have the worst time waking up.

For those of us who are not morning people, there are two alarm clocks that I will dub "the geek alarm clocks". These clocks will get you moving in the mornings, either through sheer frustration or, variety.

The first clock on the table is one that I think is wonderful. I am one of the people who have to change my clock every couple of months. Why? Because I get used to the alarm and, don't hear it anymore. I'll sleep right through it until my brother stumbles into my room, smacks the clock, says something I don't understand and goes back to bed. has done away with my need for a new clock every so often thanks to the "Never late 7 day alarm clock".

The "never late" has seven different alarms for all seven days of the week. It's a high-tech alarm clock that only would offer. The clock has a very easy system to set each different alarm using a rotating button on the top. It also allows you to choose your snooze time; 1 minute or 20 minutes. What else makes this clock awesome? A "nap" feature. If you need a nap, the never late will wake you up. With a few turns of a dial and, a few touches of a button you will be awaken every day with a new alarm and, you can even have a power nap if you need it.

The "Never Late" is available Here and also has an AM/FM Radio (Wait a minute, this is MP3 player?)

Our second clock is not for the faint of heart. It is also not for grumpy morning people. If you have a good sense of humor, "Clocky" is for you! Clocky is a great name for an alarm clock that may become your next conversation piece. This clock runs away from you after the first snooze.

You set "Clocky" for a 0 - 9 minute snooze. After you hit the first snooze button, "Clocky" waits the alloted time. The second time he goes off, he is off! Clocky rolls off of your desk or nightstand and onto the floor, moving along while he blares an alarm to wake you up. There's no reaching over and turning the snooze on again. You have to get out of bed and chase "Clocky" down to get him to be quiet. By that time, you are awake and probably slightly annoyed. However, it's worth it because at least you woke up on time. You might hate "Clocky" at first but, eventually you will thank it for not only waking you up but, forcing a morning exercise routine as well.

Clocky is available Here and comes in four colors.

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