Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Spore and Google

First things first. Spore has a release date. Maybe. Possibly. We think. We hope. Ohh heck, let's pray it's right! I found this out today from Rob over at RnD and, I was so happy to hear it. This game is going to be great! I do hope the March 8th, 2008 date will be it.

I was bored tonight and got a bug to Google Menuet and TheX . Wow...Google shows you so much. I found feeds I had no idea about and, someone thanking another person in their blog for "The X Episode 15 stuff". I was thinking "wow." Another person had some very kind words to say about me. I'll have to track him down and thank him even though it was written in July of this year. My favorite "hater" had some not so nice things to say about me. This person cracks me up. They use the same name every time and, have been following me since User Interface on WoW Radio just showing some hate. Well, you get that when you put your stuff out there. Not everyone will like it.

I heard a rumor that My Sims may be out as soon as this month. I need to confirm or find the truth behind this rumor. Just a moment...quitting writing and checking the website. Well then, according to the news section of the website this is true. My Sims is coming September 18th, 2007.

I'd better beat Metroid fast.

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