Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Amusing Searches

I was looking at TheX's web stats tonight. I always get a kick out of what searches have lead people to this site. Tonight though, I got a real kick out of the searches that lead people right to TheX. Here's the top 3:
"christian girl gamer"
"x rated you tube videos"
"x rated wii gamer"

I see a lot of more normal searches for "menuet the x" , "menuet and oxhorn"...I assume everyone wants to hear that show. I still have it, the show just is not archived. Maybe I can convince Oxhorn to do take 2 on the show now that his new machinima is out. (Go look! www.brandonmdennis.com )

I just thought the searches were pretty funny. This week coming up we'll have guest host Drew Koheler from Hardcore Christian Gamer Cast. It is a very funny show. Drew is a crazy guy so, listen in!

I do want to take just a moment to remember what today marks. You see, my brother served in the US Army and was in Iraq as a result of September 11, 2001. A good friend of our family is a 9/11 survivor. Hearing his story chills you to the bone. Whatever your political thoughts are doesn't matter. What does matter is, September 11th was a day that shook all of us and a day where so many people needlessly lost their lives. If you can remember, say a prayer today for the families of the people who were lost on 9/11 and a prayer for the soldiers still in Iraq. Thank God, my brother is now home unharmed but, so many men and women are still there protecting freedom. Thank all of you for being there.

(Remember, these men and women joined the service not knowing what would happen. You may not support what is happening but at least support the soldiers.)

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