Sunday, September 16, 2007

Sony fails to impress...again.

Sony has disappointed me. I was highly anticipating the game Heavenly Sword. The graphics and motion-capture animation was enough to make me keep a shred of hope that Sony would have their moment. In the latest console wars between the Wii, Xbox360 and Playstation3 ; Sony has come out on the bottom so far. Heavenly Sword was a game that promised to bring Sony to the forefront of the console wars, giving them a bit of a boost in the competition.

Unfortunately, Heavenly Sword did not deliver. Popular online comics like Penny Arcade have already pronounced the fate of Heavenly Sword. The official review from Game Spot reads; "Heavenly Sword feels like a summer action flick. It's full of nonstop action, and it looks terrific. Unfortunately, it's over far too quickly." Another review according to Euro Gamer states; "It really did have the potential to be the PS3's first must-have title - yet, somewhere along the line it doesn't quite deliver. For PS3 owners, the wait for the killer-app goes on."

Most every review echoes the same thing. Beautiful graphics and art. Wonderful scenery. Horrible game play and a game that ends way too fast. We're all aware that I am a huge fan of Nintendo. The Wii is my console of choice and, Nintendo consoles have always taken first place with me. But, I don't turn a deaf ear to the other two big wigs on the scene. I am still a faithful player of the Playstation2 and, I still look at the poor Xbox that has since broken due to way too much Halo and Fable playing. So, don't think that my take on this game has anything to do with the obvious Nintendo fandom.

I was really hoping Sony would finally give us a game worth talking about. Back to the drawing board for Playstation3, Heavenly Sword teaches everyone a good lesson in game development. Great graphics and artwork does not make up for bad gameplay. My opinion? Heavenly Sword would have been a great CG animated movie. For a game, it falls short.

I think this humorous picture can sum things up nicely;
Wii Rox

(Thanks to the Fans for Christ forum member; SleepySeraphim for that gem of a picture!)

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