Sunday, July 1, 2007

This is not a mud slinging contest.

First off, I'd like to apologize to all of you. I know many of you are curious to the front page post on WcRadio's website. It's terribly unfortunate that TotalBiscuit saw fit to post something like that on the front page of the website for all to see.I'm very sorry any of you had to read something so unprofessional and so rude. Apparently, TotalBiscuit made a comment on-air about the situation bringing my own personal life into it. I'll appreciate it if you all would disregard that comment. TotalBiscuit has never been let into my personal life and, his comments were very out of line. This is not a mud-slinging contest.

There's always two sides to every coin and, yes there was a disagreement. One of many that has gone on for the past 6 months. The events of last night were pretty simple; the straw that broke the camel's back. I left WoW Radio on my own accord, other people left as well. They have their reasons for going and they can speak for themselves. There are multiple reasons why I left. Some good, some bad. I will not air them on a public forum.

The X will continue on it's own...temporarily located here until the website is completed. I've had some new opportunities I can not possibly pass up and, that's ufortunately taken me from WoW Radio. I still wish WoW Radio and everyone there the best of luck. I'll still continue to be a listener of some of the shows (Maxspeed and O&H FTW!). And, I'll still continue to keep in touch with the friends I've made.

Many of you asked how to contact me. You can get ahold of me the following ways.
Via E-mail:
Skype: menuetranit

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Edit: I just received this from MacHarborGuy and was asked to post it. I will note these are Mac's words and not my own. But, he felt that he needed a public platform to voice his own opinion and how he felt.

"I am fed up with management, and the decisions they made. The rash calls of judgement they made. They looked at themselves as "dictators" and when staff complained, they put on a facade of how things were fixed but, continued preferential treatment to those that were close to them. The station as a whole..the major problem with it is, it blasts the very community it "attempts" to befriend. Why should Blizzard Ent look at a station when the owner is the host of a show that spews negativity of their own game all the time? Yes, they can be positive but also WoW Radio in the end is a fansite.

I enjoyed working with WoW Radio and with the hosts and enjoyed entertaining every single one of it's listeners. However, the managerial aspect of the station I equate to a spoiled child that gets angry when things don't go their way. It is my opinion things were not going in a positive direction for the station and the community as a whole. Because of this, my direction now is away from WoW Radio.

Since I quit, I've been marked as a "terrorist" for what? For protecting my copyright and ownership of my legal design that I spent four months working on? I have been marked as a "terrorist" for what? For exercising my right as the copyright holder and if the site is not taken down in a timely manner I will be taking this to my lawyer to go through the legal system. It is my belief that WoW Radio and the "managers" therein should watch themselves when throwing around phrases like "terrorism" and that they also watch themselves when doing this in a public forum. Those being the WoW Radio main page, the WoW Radio forums and even on live internet radio.

In closing, take this statement for what you will. What is done is done.Legal action will be taken if WoW Radio v3.0 is not removed in a timely manner. That is all that I can and will say on this matter. If you wish to contact me, my E-mail address is "


Christian said...

We all love you. I for one was really sad to see you go. Listening to your podcast has gotten me through MANY a tough weekend shift at work. Though I'm glad you're still continuing The X, I am rather curious what exactly TB did to drive you and Mac off. He seems to me like a competent station manager, but this recent incident has me wondering. What could be so bad to drive off two of his more popular hosts?

...he's buying gold, isn't he?

Menuet said...

If you are terribly curious as to what is going on, any of you can E-mail or skype me. You won't get a terribly juicy gossip story or any fun mud-slinging. Hey, this isn't politics :) But, you will be able to get a better in-depth explanation from me.

Mike O'Hara said...

I made the decision to no longer frequent the WoW Radio community, and have pulled all their links from my site effective immediately. They are not the end all, be all of World of Warcraft. There are other shows out there (Taverncast being one) that I will start listening to now more often.

If you or Mac need me for anything Menuet, you know where to find me :)

-- DE.

Paul said...
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Paul said...

I foresaw trouble in the community when I first discovered WoW Radio in January or so. I noticed the attitude some staff members had towards each other and listeners, but I disregarded it and decided to just listen to the shows and keep my mouth shut. Well, the drama bomb finally hit, and this is the result. I'm sad to see all of you go, but I suppose conflicting personalities can't really be helped. I wish you and everyone affected by this event the best of luck, and I'll be sure to continue listening to the show.

Best regards,

Edit: I've got a question though, if you and Mac were planning on going to Blizzcon with WoWradio will you still be going? Or will you just be separate from their group?

Mista Fadedglory said...

All I can say is that I'm glad that you and the others are gone. WCRadio is striving to become a legitimate, professional business and the immaturity of those who left was not helping the company. Your show was boring IMO and I for one am glad that it's not going to be part of the station anymore


MacHarbor Guy said...

I will not be going to Blizzcon, as much as that Murloc suit tempts me, sadly I will not be going. Instead I have plans, not set in stone as of yet, to be at Dragoncon.

Menuet said...

Yeah, I announced on the show that I won't be going to Blizzcon. I had the money set aside but it went elsewhere. But Dragon Con is still on !

You know Mistafadedglory, I've seen your name before. you've been pounding hate for some time now. On Itunes and a few other places. Not sure why you have so much to say about me. I mean yeah, you don't like my show and that's fine. It's not for everyone, but you don't know me personally. So why the hate? Bring the love ^^

Adam said...

Admit it, this is all a big hoax to get out of sending me the cigar box isn't it? :-)

Seriously though, it's a great shame that you and Mac (and Leto I think?) left WCradio but you had your reasons .
Can't wait for your next show on your new home! ;-)

Adam (Adzmodeus on t'ebay)

Menuet said...

Adam, I promise that cigar box is coming ^^ You still deserve it. You are still a listener and the money still went to it's rightful place. Yes sir, you shall have your box! :D

Adam said...

I never doubted it for a second! ;-)

Although if you wish to spend the money on shiny things instead of giving it to WCRadio I'll totally understand ^^

Hope you're well :)

Menuet said...

The money is already with WoW Radio. I have money for the final value fee and money for the listing fee and shipping to the UK.

Adam said...

Ah, shame hehe ;-)

Joakim said...
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Joakim said...

First, i apologise for my bad English. It's late in Sweden and English is not my main language.

Menuet! As my eyes are tearfull that you leave WoW radio and i hope that you will continue Wow radio until your grave and beyond!

I dont admire The X so much, but User Interface was perfect. You podcast shizzle is that you got a piece of charm and sense of humor, both when you are soloing and talking with Alris/Speedy40. Just try to work on your ability to see from difrent perspectives!

I hope that everything goes well and that i will see you tomorow in the wow radio crew page :/


Menuet said...

Hey Joxxor,The X will not be returning to WoW Radio and neither will I. The X has a new home that is launching in August and, the environment is one I am going to like much better. Thank you for the kind words and the support! You're great! :)