Sunday, July 1, 2007

Episode 14

There's an issue with The X's most recent archive on WoW Radio's website.No, WoW Radio did *not* remove my archives. There is simply a bug. However, I took the time to set up the LibSyn account I have. For those of you who subscribe to The X via Itunes or feed or, for those of you who download can now find it here for the time being.


WorldofPodCast said...

Just commenting on the Manhunt 2 part. I tend to agree with your views of the original Manhunt. I was originally to review it for the video game site I work for, but thankfully someone else reviewed it, because I would have given it a very low score... for no other reason than the game really didn't feel like much more than a "try to kill the guys in as many gruesome ways as possible" game.

I only rented it, and don't ever plan on getting Manhunt 2. It wasn't much of a game, just more of a shock-fest of violence. And I don't even care about violence in games, normally. MK, other games with violence, I like most of them. I own most of them, and play them often.

But, Manhunt... I couldn't deal with it. I can't advocate people playing it, as the game play was fairly shallow, overall. The insane violence only kept me interested in it for about the first 10 minutes.

Paul said...

I don't know about Manhunt, but I can play Postal 2 for hours on end and be entertained to the fullest. Then again, I'm sorta sick that way :P