Thursday, January 3, 2008

TheX #40: "They've got big..."

The debut of the brand new TheX with Matt, Menuet and Noct comes right at you this week! Matt and Menuet get together and chat about Fable 2, their anticipation of the game and why console RPG's can cause a problem. Matt rants (Menuet is so proud) over a recent media case and inflates his own ego to new heights. Join us for an awesome episode of TheX with Matt, Menuet and Noct!

Music today is "Chronicle of the Annoying Trance" by Gravity Well. More information on Gravity Well at The Geek Media

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1 comment:

Link64bit said...

Great show and by the way your not the only one that has finished TP yet. I have had it for a year and I am only on the temple of time. The only reason that I have not finished it yet is because of WoW and I just got Fable: The Lost Chapters recently for my PC and only started it just a few days ago. Well good luck breaking Noct in next show.