Wednesday, January 30, 2008

A delay?

Yes folks, TheX has been delayed. A lot of real life stuff going on. So..onto excuses and something for you to do.

Menuet's excuses: My Mother was very sick (she's better now- thank God). I got sickly myself for a couple of days. I had to do voice recording for Chronicle of the Annoying Quest *and* for Oxhorn (yes, Inventing Swear Words 4!). Work got busy.

Matt's excuses: He's moving to Tennessee from Alaska. 'Nuff said.

Noct's excuses: Noct's co-worker got put in the hospital and, he covered their shift. Well, the other person who was supposed to help cover got into a car accident. Noct worked doubles. He's pooped.

This is where we all shout hooray for being an adult! Don't worry. You *will* have an X this week. You will also hear More Than Machinima with The Bragerminor this coming weekend. And, next week..TheX as scheduled.

Until then..please enjoy Chroncile of the Annoying Quest: Episode 20

1 comment:

Kalo Shade said...

no probs menuet every 1 will just have to wait for the next episode of TheX i know i will every 1 has got problems.