Friday, December 7, 2007

TheX #37 : An Apology to you

The most recent show of TheX with Kam Uraki has caused some backlash from the audience. Many of you are fans of different machinima artists including The Grind, Myndflame, Stone Falcon and Oxhorn. TheX always tries to remain as neutral as possible with the machinima community. I have always supported machinima artists to the best of my ability. Each of the artists have their strengths, weaknesses, and individual talent that they bring into their machinima.

Many of you have made comments about the recent show. Please keep in mind those comments were the opinion of my co-host and did not reflect my opinions. My opinions on different artists is obviously a very neutral place considering I have supported many different artists on the show and contributed to many different machinimas as well.

The machinima artists I have met and gotten to work with in the machinima community are all deserving of credit. Each of them have wonderful shows that they release and each of them have their own way of doing things. The artists themselves have not commented on the show. I recently spoke to one machinima artist who was mentioned on the show. I am happy to say that none of them seem to have taken issue with the comments made.

I do understand that you (as the audience) are fans of respective machinima artists. I also understand you felt the need to defend certain artists and certain machinima. I am very glad to see that so many different fandoms have come into the "crew" of TheX and I would hate to see any division caused because of this. To all of you who have expressed comments on the show, I do apologize and I assure you this will not happen again.


Anonymous said...

Everyone who made those machinima comments. Next time, LISTEN TO THE INTRO! Menuet clearly says, her opionions are her opionions, and Kam's opinions are his opinions. Calm down and don't flame these two for their OPINIONS! That's about it that I have to say besides it not your fualt Menuet and to Kam, Chronicle of the Annoying Quest pwns Illegal Danish and Inventing Swear Words! In my opinion.

P.S. I know I spelled some words wrong, but that's what you get for using Internet Explorer.

Drew said...

You know, if you'd read the post you'd realize that no one that actually made the machinima in question were the ones that took issue. It was fans of the shows that got on her case about it.