Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Blogcraft Needing a Writer

My friend Matt, over at World of Blogcraft which is a blog about World of Warcraft and general MMO gaming is needing a writer to help update Blogcraft on a more consistent basis. Here is what Matt wrote in his own words. If you are interested throw him an E-mail!

I'm looking for anyone, age 16+, that has a passion to write and thinks that he/she can bring something new to Blogcraft. Whether you can think of cool new features to write up or just want to get your creative ideas written down, e-mail Blogcraft at worldofblogcraft@gmail.com with:

1. Your name or online handle. I know that some people don't like having their last name out there, so that's optional.
2. Your age.
3. Why you want this job.
4. What you plan to bring to Blogcraft.

So, apply now and I'll get back to all the people that follow my criteria. Good luck!

P.S. - Please know that you will not be paid for this job. It's just a fun little side-project next to real life. Cheesy

-Matt Graham"

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