Thursday, October 4, 2007

I win...I think...

Sometimes, a person can have the funniest conversation with someone else. Or, an argument can be really amusing when you think back on it. The other evening was one of those conversations.

I was playing Metroid Prime 3. There is a pretty difficult boss and, looking on the internet I found out I am not the only one who felt like throwing the Wii-mote at the screen. My brother (Weirdo) walks into the living room and watches me for a minute. Finally, he says "What are you trying to do?"

"I have to rip that off and then pelt him in hypermode. Then, go for it again..ahh!" I shouted because he hit me again. I shook my head "He keeps getting me. I'm going to die again."

Weirdo sat down on the couch to watch this and finally gave his advice "Strafe."

"I am. See there?" I pointed to the screen where I began to strafe right before getting smacked down.

"No you were barely moving." he replied.

"Well, I can't much move when that happens." I huffed, trying desperately not to let poor Samus die "oh man..phazon overloaded. I'm down." sure enough, Samus screams and the "game over" screen comes up. I opted to continue,"O.K. let's try this again."

Weirdo leaned back, clearly amused "Now strafe." I did and..bam! He chuckled "The other that way. You aren't moving." he looked at me, smug little bugger.

"Do you see this here?" I motioned to the nunchuck and moved it around "I am strafing. He keeps hitting me." I was getting aggravated with my dear brother who thought he could do this so much better.

He shrugged "I'm telling you, you aren't moving."

"I am." my voice got a little thin at that point. I hate it when I can't beat a boss after at least two tries. Darn Nintendo for giving me a game with a challenge. Of course, I got smacked down again. Poor Samus was having a bad night.

Weirdo laughed at me, and shook his head "You aren't strafing."

I pushed the Wii-mote in his face "You wanna try?"

He grinned and took the controls "Sure." He was so smug. Oh yeah, he could beat this.

So, he began the boss fight for the fourth time (I tried three). He strafed right, strafed left and then..smack! He got hit. He pursed his lips. I didn't say a word but, I wanted to. Ohhh! I wanted to. I encouraged him at one point "There! You got him. Hit him!" success! We actually did damage. Hmmm, could Weirdo beat this boss? If he did, I might throw him instead of the Wii-mote.

He did the same thing again but, he got smacked down. Weirdo frowned. He was getting worn down. After a few more of these instances, he grumbled something I may not want to repeat. "Can't you strafe?" I had to ask. Just a jab but, we're siblings after all.

He nodded, admitting I was right. He kept trying though. Another issue was me going into Hypermode. I shouldn't have done that, you know? So, Weirdo decided to get this boss with no Hypermode. Finally he sighed and said "I need to hit hypermode here and hit him."

I nodded "Yeap." I wouldn't rub it in. I knew what he was thinking.

After a few minutes of the same issue I was having,Weirdo also lost the fight. He sighed and shrugged, handing me the controls back. I looked at him "Don't you want to try again."

He grumbled a very gruff "No. I don't like the controls for this game." and walked away.

Or maybe...just maybe he can't admit his sister may have been right.

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