Monday, September 24, 2007

I was recently asked why I have cable because I don't watch TV...

I am one of those people that would cause a person in network market research to lose their hair. Reality TV shows are the worst form of entertainment I've ever seen. Celebrity gossip is ridiculous. I could not even tell you why that stupid boy made a video crying over Britney Spears. However, I could tell you his name and what shows he appeared on.

The internet as it is today has greatly changed the view of what entertainment is.We have been taken back to another time where television didn't exist.We are seeing a future of media that is completely self-published and produced. Anyone in the United States can blog their opinion or, place a video on You Tube. If they do it well enough they will be plastered all over the mainstream media.

Suddenly, it's "cool" to be a geek. Not two years ago, people would poke fun at you for being online often and making friends through certain social networks. If you listened to podcasts, you were a "dork", "nerd" or "geek". Heaven forbid you actually knew the mechanics of a role playing game. If you admitted it, you committed social suicide.

Today, you can walk into Starbucks and place an order. While you are waiting, you are on the phone with someone. Two Sixteen year olds overhear key names; "Leo Laporte", "Kevin Rose" and then they hear "Patrick Norton left?!". That would be enough for them to spark a conversation, begging to find out what Patrick Norton had done.

Then, you find yourself sitting down with two people who are ten years your junior discussing the latest episode of TWiT. Or, wonder why John Dvorak is so cranky. You excitedly explain that Patrick Norton left DLTV and speculate that Tech TV will make a return in the form of Revision 3. No one throws you a second glance when one of the teenagers whips out a Nintendo DS and, uses the browser to see if Patrick Norton was confirmed at Revision 3 yet.

These people have become our celebrities. This subculture that is beginning to spider it's way into the mainstream media has already set up their own public figures. Thank God, our celebrities have something decent to say.

I have yet to hear the juciest gossip over Scott Johnson's latest scandal.Because, there isn't one. I doubt we will ever be in an uproar because one of our precious figures got arrested for a DUI. Why? Because we don't care.

We don't want gossip or scandal or who slept with whom and got pregnant.We want information and, we want it presented to us in an entertaining way. We love talk that stimulates our brains, teaches us and allows us to embrace ourselves and our geeky personalities. We crave intellectual conversation and add just a bit of silly to balance it all out.

Think about this for a moment. You know it is true. Which brings me full circle to "it's cool to be a geek". The mainstream media is beginning to take notice of this subculture. People who made fun of computer "nerds" are suddenly becoming one. Podcasts, social networks, websites, blogging and news networks are becoming their daily dose of entertainment.

If this trend continues, ridiculous stories of the latest "it" girl in Hollywood could become a thing of the past. Those people could be forgotten and instead the latest celebrity story will be who is walking down the red carpet at E3.

We wish. It's a nice dream, isn't it? If it really happened, I might think of watching television again.


Vipin said...

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Menuet said...

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