Friday, August 10, 2007

TheX Byte Sized #1: Gadgets and Gizmos a Plenty

TheX starts a brand-new format. What is going on around here? Well, you will have to listen and find out. Two huge announcements and a big change-over on the show. It's a good change. A very good change.

So many things going on and, Menuet's head is spinning! We get into the topics of gadgets, electronics and gizmos we can not live without. Plus, Menuet goes into a quick (and very abridged) technology timeline from the 80's until now.

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Brandon M. Dennis said...

I wish I could do cat-calls online, because if I could I'd be going, "Wooo! Whistle! Oooo! Yay, The X! Wooo-hoooo!"


Menuet said...

*laughs* Well thank you, Mr. Oxhorn. I'll take that as my first-ever online cat call! ^^