Saturday, August 4, 2007

TheX #19: Fable of the...MMORPG?

This week on The X, Menuet keeps you in anticipation. Is the World of Warcraft players favorite convention even talked about? Does Menuet say a word at all about the latest news from Blizzard for all of us MMO geeks out there? Hmmm, you will have to listen and find out.

Menuet's Top Drawer; Fable 2
Ask Menuet; Conventions and why they attract people, and tootsie roll pops.
This Week In, Next Week Out; Zelda: Twilight Princess and...bloopers? Or, Menuet tells a story about making a film.
The Storyteller; Larp 101; "Getting into character"

All music on The X provided by Sean Beeson ( and Oxhorn ( Good luck at the Blizzcon machinima contest Oxhorn!

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