Saturday, July 21, 2007

the X Episode 17: Character Invasion

This week on The X, we were joined by a special (and suprise) co-host. Who is it? Listen in and find out. You are going to hear Menuet and the co-host change voices so many times, you would think it was being hosted by a plethora of people.Cheesy anchor-women, Draenei improv, bad impressions and more.

We actually do discuss some things. The big topics; On Menuet's Top Drawer - Heavenly Sword. The PS3 fans finally get some love. On Ask Menuet - Q&A with Menuet and the co-host. This Week In, Next Week Out - Super Mario Bros 2 and You Tube surfing. A new segment shows up on The X called Wii Wiin and we discuss what's to come for the Nintendo Wii. On The Storyteller - taking role-playing too seriously and why it's bad (mm'kay?). Also, discussions on E3 news, new games coming and more next-gen console wars.

Hey, don't forget to check out Darkness ; A World of Warcraft Movie by Blind Man Studios. Menuet did a voice in the machinima. She plays Alyana - a High Elf. But, don't watch this for the voices. Look at the amazing editing Erunno did. Great machinima! Go watch it!

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