Saturday, June 16, 2007

Oxhorn joined us for a fab show

This week was a great show on The X. I was joined by the one and only Oxhorn who was my special co-host for a day. The show was hilarious and, I highly recommend you go download it at .

We jumped topics faster than old episodes of User Interface. Two people with some pretty strong opinions on one show make for a great conversation. We went over plenty of video gaming goodness, talked about the World of Warcraft in a very different light, discussed movies made from comic books. We also had a conversation on how being on the internet can effect someone's life off of the computer. Plus, a super special LIVE performance of The Anti-Elf Anthem! You do not want to miss this show.

Speaking of Oxhorn, you really ought to head over to his website at . He's released a new movie called "The Peace Circle" which features a few loved characters and introduces a new one. This one is hilarious and the new character "Thunk" cracks me up. Go watch it.

Hey, don't forget!!! Next week on The X we are interviewing BakaSavants Productions. They do this great machinima series called "Chronicle of the Annoying Quest". Go check them out and tune in next weekend for the interview.

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Shiaar said...

Hmm i thought i'd have to fill out a long registration form to post but then i realize HEY it's google! I already have one of those!

Anyway more Oxhorn guests hosting in the future imo, that was a really good ep. *flees*